My Go-To Feel Good Place

Happy Sunday, dear reader. I trust you had a good weekend. Mine was mostly pretty good!

After a two week hiatus due to the weather, my good friend and I got up early Saturday morning and went for our weekly three hour hike in Mont. St.Hilaire. We logged in a total of about 10K. Not too bad for a couple gals who were huffing and puffing on the ascent from the parking lot at the beginning of the season! I don’t want to brag, BUT, my friend is 10 years younger than me and she was doing most of the huffing and puffing.

There is something about being in the mountains that is so very soothing for the soul. I had a miserable week due to sciatica (at least I hope that’s all it is) and the usual Friday night zinger from my boss, a.k.a. She Who Rides The Broom. No matter how well I have done all week, she will find SOMETHING to criticize. Miserable So and So.

Wishing five minutes of being there though, it all dissapeared. I was instantly in a good mood. The birds were singing, the sun reflected off the lake, the smell of freshness in the air, the sound of leaving swishing back and forth whenever a cool breeze would blow through. My Mecca.

There’s something pretty awesome about the hiking community. Save the occasional rude asshole on the trail that follows you so closely that you can practically feel their breath on your neck (it’s a Francophone Quebec thing), folks are pretty cool. I’ve had so many interesting little snippets of conversations here and there with total strangers.

There was a group of four men in their late 20’s, early 30’s training for a what we assumed was a Spartan race. One guy was having a bit of a time of it. Huffing and puffing and making all sorts of painful noises. He scared the hell out of us. When I saw him coming, I thought he was one of THOSE guys. You know the type. They’re at the gym and have to make a big noise to show everyone how hard you’re working. Dude, if you have to scream with every lift, you’re lifting too heavy.

Then another thought occurred to me….”OMG there’s a bear chasing him!!” So this is how it will end, we will be re-enacting a scene from the movie Revenant and get mauled to death by Yogi , Boo Boo and Smokey. Cue the blood bath. Nope (there are no bears in that region but I’m still terrified I will run into one some day. Well crap, now I have just put that out in the universe and have jinxed myself. It’s inevitable now).

Aaaanywaaay….about an hour later, close to summit, we ran into the loud dude, minus his three buddies. He was sitting on the side of the trail, looking a little bewildered. He asked us how well we knew the trail. He was debating if he should finish this trail or head back down. I was like, “Oh you will be fine. You only have about 30 minutes of climb and then it starts to even out”. My friend, who is the more compassionate and realistic one, advised him to head back down.

We chatted with him a little, and yup, he is training for the Spartan race. He started hyper ventilating and got scared. He admitted that he hadn’t trained in 6 weeks and hit a wall today. Perfectly understandable. It was crazy humid yesterday. We’ve all been there at some point. I joked that he had bad friends, leaving him behind like that. He said he was ok, just his pride was a little banged up. We told him he was doing a great job and that we had remarked as much when he first past us. Hopefully it gave him a big of encouragement and that his buddies were not too hard on him when they met up again.

So that was my day. Sciatica, humidity, pain. My calves are paying the price today for the over compensation in an effort to not strain my back and legs, but it was worth it. There was still no where else in the world I would rather have been. I hope to always be able to do this.