Goodbye Summer!

Labor day weekend.  It kind of snuck up on us.  Well, at least in this part of Canada.  We Canucks are still waiting for Summer to make an appearance.  I am sure we broke some type of rainfall record that might give India’s monsoons a run for their money.

We was robbed.

On the bright side though (Lord knows I try to take a peek there in every situation), my a/c was on only about two weeks total. No sweltering, sticky nights, no high humidity.  I’m trying here, folks, give me a hand…

So now September has arrived. She’s cool and crisp and sassy!  This air is delicious.  It makes me want to strap on my hiking boots and head for the mountains.  It offers up delicious red apples plucked right from the tree and baked into pies or loafs.

With it comes back to school for some.  Or maybe taking a class in the evening after work.

I woke up this morning so freaking happy.  Its a long weekend and I tacked on an extra day on Tuesday.  So what will I do with myself?  I’m heading out to Mont-Tremblant again for a day of hiking with an overnight stay.  Looking forward to the jacuzzi and a glass of wine and maybe some journaling and blog reading in the evening.

I got a great deal on a room in the main village. Thank you, Travelosity.

Being single can suck on long weekends.  That’s why I have vowed to fill them with a little something.

Funny how things work – when I saw the incredible deal online, I clicked right away….only to realize it is an over nighter from Monday to Tuesday. Well…crapsicles. Looks like I’m going alone.  Guess  I should have heeded the warning when my mouse hovered over the “are you sure you want this to be a non-refundable booking” message. Moron.

I thought of maybe inviting my mom. She would ski up there back in the day.  That’s where she and my dad met.  Yeah, I will invite mom.

Then that little voice in my head said…”Are you sure you want to do this?”  (refer to above ignoring of the warning).   Before you think I am the worst daughter in the world, let me tell you exactly how this scenario will play itself out.

On the drive up there:

Mom: BOY how far is this place anyway? Are we ever going to get there!?

Me: Almost there, mom.

Mom: (after being in the car for all of 20 minutes) Can we stop somewhere? I need to stretch my legs and have a cigarette.

Me: Fiiiine, but you are slowing us down.

Once we arrive:

Mom: It’s 12:01, I’m STARVING and need to eat.  I’ve been up since 5:00 a.m. I’m tired and want to relax.

I really wish I could do more things with my mom.  In my child’s mind, it always seems like a good idea.  In reality though, it is a frustrating and disappointing experience.  She is not very flexible with regards to her schedule.  Meal times are 6:00 am, 12:00pm and 5:00pm.  It’s really hard to plan an outing that way.

So, I will stop by her place today to visit, but I’m going away solo.

Have a great long weekend all!



Staycation Days 11-15 (Monday -Friday)

Happy Monday to all!  Well, like the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. My staycation is officially over and now its back to the grind.

I’m okay with that.  Although I’m not looking forward to seeing how many emails are waiting for me, I welcome the routine and catching up with my colleagues.


Here’s a condensed version of what last week looked like.  Monday I headed out to Mont Tremblant for the 24th Annual Blues Festival.  I am so glad I went.  It’s so lovely out there.  The hotels in the village are nestled in the mountain.  Picture if you will a 360 degree view of lush greenery and mountain peaks and cobble stone streets.  It looked a little like a cross between Switzerland and New Orleans French quarter.

It was my first time at the blues fest.  The act I wanted to see live was Angel Forrest.  She is amazing.  I also “discovered” two new acts; Godboogie and Brody Buster.  Their tunes are now securely downloaded to my iPod. Love it.

My hotel was amazingly awesome for a three star.  In fact everything there was super clean.  The area has a distinct chill vibe to it.  It’s a favorite for hikers and ski bums/bunnies.

The drive back home on Tuesday morning left me feeling a little blue (no pun intended).  It was a mix of wishing I could stay longer and just wanting to go home.

Tuesday was spent just chilling at home and catching up to PVR’d episodes of 20/20/  Something was off though; I just couldn’t shake the restless/lonely feeling in my gut.   I glanced over at my guitar sitting in the corner and dusted it off, opened up my Yousician app and spent time practicing.  A couple hours flew by, just like that.   When I was done, my fingers felt raw from the strings, but the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment was undeniable.

Wednesday I spent the day with mom.  I picked her up and we headed out to Granby Zoo.  I had not been in years.  The weather was perfect; a little on the coolish side, but the animals were in full view and not hiding from the heat.

Thursday was another quiet day spent working on the decorations for the church vacation bible study coming up next week.  Later in the afternoon I got an invite from the prodigal to come over for supper.  He is turning into quite a good cook and his new apartment is coming along nicely.  His girlfriend’s little son is starting to warm up to me.  managed to get a hug from him as I was leaving.  There’s a bit of an unpleasant situation going on there, but that’s a story for another post.

Friday was spent on decorations again and later in the evening I caught up with a friend and we went to see a comedy show on Crescent street.  The headliner, Andrew Searles, was pretty good.

The weekend was a blur.  I didn’t do much.  I’m super chill now and hope that vibe stays with me as I open the fifty million emails waiting for me.

Have a good Monday, all.