Love Is In The Air – Or Not

Ok, so I thought I’d give you a little update on my three days in status on a dating site.

Competition out here is fierce to begin with.  Add to that mix the fact that I’m no longer a 20 something, and what ensues is an exercise in patience, not taking anything personal and of course a little bit of weird and wacky.

As mentioned in a post earlier this week, I’m back in the saddle and trying to meet someone.  I’ve been doing my homework and reading up on how to put together an interesting profile and applying the hints and tips suggested.  Why not?  If I labor over a post on my blog for other people’s enjoyment, shouldn’t I do the same for my dating profile?  Marketing is marketing, regardless of the venue.

One “expert” suggested that if you are past a certain age (kind of like an old piece of fruit?  No longer ripe?) don’t sit around and wait for someone else to reach out.  If you see something you like, make the first move.

So I did.  I made a comment on a dude’s hat, how it suited him and it was a nice pic.  He said thank you and then made his profile hidden.  Woah…..take it easy Monsieur Chapeau.

I had sent a couple winks and likes here and there.  Nothing.  Then it happened.  I got a couple of notices that other members gave some of my pics a thumbs up.  Yay!

I proceeded to log on to the site and those fellows were well into their 60’s and looked like 90 year old Elmer Fudd wannabees.  Boo!

So, yes, I felt a little down.  Started wondering if there is any hope for me at all (day 3 people…).  Then I got a notice that someone sent me an email.  Ooooh! How exciting!« prev | next »

25, xxxxxx, xxxxx, Canada

Seeking women 20 – 45

From: xxxxxxx / Received: May 24

Hey, how are you? You are absolutely stunning! How could I get a date with you?

I was thrilled…but then I noticed the age….25. Good grief, have you lost your mother?  Oh and he wants someone who has a car.  Maybe the bus doesn’t go all the way to the arcade?

So what the heck, I thought I’d have a bit of fun with this.  He might be legit, he might be a scam.  So I wrote back.

Hello, I guess you would just have to…ask 😉

Cue the crickets.   He’s been on all day and no reply back. LOL!

Then I got another email.  This one read:
You have a beautiful smile:)
Totally not my type, but made a deal with myself that I would talk to anyone who made the effort and reached out.  I’m new again to this and honestly have no big expectations other than to maybe meet people here and there for a quick coffee date and see what happens.  Here’s what I wrote (I did not want to give false hope or be rude by ignoring completely) :
Aaaw, thank you. Lovely travel pic. I’m guessing you were in Greece? Lucky you!
Cue the crickets part 2…..nothing.
The fun has just begun, my friends.  Buckle in, I think it’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.  Stay tuned.

Losing Momentum

I’m feeling so frustrated.  As usual, I start off super motivated to follow a weight loss plan and to exercise, and then something happens.  The momentum dies and I go right back to not paying attention, not planning, not tracking my food.

If I would have remained diligent, I could have lost a good 10-15 pounds by now.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?  There must be some serious self loathing going on that I’m not paying attention to.

Part of me thinks “just quit whining and do it for crying out loud”.  What am I afraid of? Could that old saying that being afraid of success be true?  I’ve always thought that was a bunch of pop psychology crap.  Maybe there really is something to that.

I’ve been single for a while now.  Part of me would like to have someone special in my life, but there’s no way I feel confident enough to open myself up when I look like this. So of course then I try to project into the future.  What if I did lose the weight and was super healthy again?  Where would I even meet someone?  Online dating is just horrible.  There are so many fake profiles and scammers out there.  I’m not twenty something anymore.  What if I’m destined to be alone forever?  If that’s the case, why bother?  I’m invisible anyway so what’s the difference.  So I’ll just sit in my apartment and wait to die then.

No. No. No.  See what one little negative thought can lead to? That is why I need to become a better version of myself.  When I exercise and eat right, my mindset is positive and I am in a good place.

I have no idea what the future holds for me.  I’m hoping it is bright and positive and filled with love.    So that being said, it’s a beautiful morning here, I’m getting dressed and going out for a walk to soak up some sun.  Maybe I’ll even attempt a little run.

Have a great Sunday, all!