When It’s Okay To Talk To Strangers

Peeps! I’ve missed you.  I have barely had a moment to myself this past week.  Work has been crazy and I have been staying too late at the office and then not making enough time for myself in the morning to read what my favorite bloggers are up to.

So, couple of things.  Yesterday was my birthday.  I was inundated with lovely text messages, phone calls and posts on Facebook.  I know it sounds cheesier than a package of Kraft singles, but it’s true; knowing that people took time to wish me well was the best gift a person could ask for.

No big plans were made and I was happy with that.  There comes a time in a person’s life where that just is not so important anymore.  I think I’ve reached that point.

My son, his girlfriend and a couple of my closest friends wanted to make sure that I was not alone and lacking something to do.  I love them all for it, but this year I wanted a very low key birthday.  My heart was filled with good things because of their thoughtfulness.

I ended up leaving the house a little later than expected and took myself out for a nice breakfast at Allo Mon Coco.  Yes, alone.  I loved it.  I brought my gift to myself with me – a travel guide to Italy.  This has been on my bucket list for a while now and my gift to me is starting my plans to see it through.

Aaaanyhoooo…..I walked past the long line up at the resto and was immediately seated at the bar area (cool concept for a breakfast place – singletons need to eat too).  My blood sugar was so low, I did not have the patience to look at the menu but rather told the girl what I wanted. French toast, cinnamon, LOADS of strawberries.  Clearly she understands what a person on the brink of being “hangry” is all about.  My breakfast was in front of me within 10 minutes.

A couple of minutes after, a fellow male singleton sat next to me. We kind of glanced at each other, nobody said a word.  After settling in, he noticed my travel book, and he opened up the conversation.  We ended up talking for two hours.  Is that not the coolest thing ever?  I love when that happens.

In the age of social media, when everyone is staring at their phones or iPads, an actual conversation took place between two strangers.  That to me is what being social is about.  It’s not about how many “friends” a person has on FB, or followers on Instagram, or Twitter.

We both finished our meals, paid our tabs and walked to the exit together.  We shook hands, thanked the other for fun conversation and went on our separate merry ways.  He threw a little “Hey, maybe I’ll see you here again sometime”.  My response was “You never know”.

Some might say I should have offered up my cell number, or tried to firm up meeting again, but I disagree.  Some days all a person wants is good conversation and being free as a bird to walk away.  Yesterday was that kind of day.  It was perfect.



Staycation Days #9 & 10 (Saturday and Sunday)

I really have commitment issues.  This reality has been hitting me square in the face of late.

Saturday night I was supposed to attend a mix and mingle event through a Meetup group.  It was at the Botanical gardens.  About three hours prior to the event, I cancelled.  Why?  Not sure.  It’s not like I was uber busy.  I think I’m just loving this slow, relaxed pace I’m living this past week.   Showing up to something feels like “work” and I’ve been just fine in my own company.

So, instead of going out and meeting new people, I opted to stay home and watch some Netflix and chat on the phone with  friend.

Not much happened today.  Sundays are a day of rest and I love the quiet routine I’ve set up for myself.  I make a cup of tea and head downstairs with my kitties.  We were out there for about an hour.  They were sniffing and chasing bugs and eating grass.  I was sipping tea and reading Scripture.

I did a little reading and blogging and then head out for church at 4pm, followed by a bowl of soup at the diner with a friend.

It was the perfect Sunday.



Friday Night Solo

I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about Friday nights.  On the one hand, it’s the end of the work week.  Hallelujah!  On the other hand, if you’re single, it’s a bit of a hard transition.

Once upon a time, when my son was little, Friday nights were all about picking up some McDonald’s and letting him pick out a movie at Blockbuster.   Then we would head home, chill, and make our plans for the weekend.

Pre-mommy days consisted of going out for supper, drinks, and getting my dance on with my girlfriends at one of the many hot spots in Montreal.  Boy, the mischief we would get into.  Good times.

Flash forward, one kid, one divorce, a couple of break ups and my life has changed significantly.  Some of the girls have married, some are now single and put more importance on finding a mate than cementing bonds that were forged long ago, and some have just become, well, boring.

Now that I don’t have anyone “needing” to be cared for, fed, loved, paid attention to, knock boots with, my time is my own.  Wow, what a feeling.  It’s time I really embraced this part of my life.

I had a super stressful week at work.  The project I asked to take on following the resignation of a colleague….is a real stinker.  Regretting every moment of having taking the initiative to take it on.

Not wanting to head home, but also not wanting to do anything too crazy, I head to the mall. I had a mother’s day gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and decided to cash that baby in.

I never thought a trip to the mall could be so satisfying to all senses.  I luxuriated in all things pretty to sight, smell, touch, taste.  I came home happy, relaxed and satisfied.

My first stop was at Bath and Body Works.  Thank you, son, for the gift certificate!


My Personal Mecca!

You guys….this place…can you say love? The colors, the scents, the displays.


Really?! I’ll take a lifetime supply!!

Damage done, total cost $1.74.  Yep, you read correctly.  Don’t you just love gift certificates.

Next stop, a little snack.  Friday night is officially “I can eat whatever I want night”.  Naturally, I chose gelato.  This pretty little concoction is made up of a scoop each of lime, grapefuit and toasted coconut.  The perfect blend of tart, fresh and creamy.


Yummy AND pretty!

The variety at this little shop were a feast for the eyes.  I did my best to behave though.


Finally, I sat and enjoyed my treat.  The Aldo boutique had a nice media display going on.  These guys are evil genius’.

This caught my eye.


Which naturally led me to have a closer look at this…


Seriously, how adorable are these?

So that was my Friday night solo in a nutshell.  All my senses were indulged and I got to walk around and burn some calories in the process.  Hey, who knows?  Maybe one day a handsome stranger will strike up a conversation and my Friday night solos will turn into a duet.

Happy Saturday, all!