Seven Day Challenge

Happy Monday all!  Here is my pic for day 5.



Seven Day Challenge

I’m doing something a little different today, my peeps. Last night a Facebook friend nominated me for a seven day black and white photo challenge. For seven days, I have to post pictures about my life.

The rules are (I loathe that word, by the way): no people, no explanations. Each day I have to nominate someone as well.

Whoever is reading this, I challenge you to post a black and white pic here on WordPress.

Here’s my first posted photograph.  Have a great day,


Note: I am not the original photographer; this is from a picture hanging in my living room.

The Kindness of Strangers

Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

  Blanche Dubois – A Streetcar Named Desire

Ok, so I am no Blanche Dubois, but just couldn’t help myself.  Let me explain.  I took a sick day yesterday for what was supposed to be not one, not two, but THREE root canals. Before you conjure up images of my kisser being filled with Austin Powers-like teeth – let me just set the record straight. I do NOT look like at all.  I am just predisposed to tooth decay.  Regardless of how much I brush, floss, rinse, gargle, trips to the dentist have never been kind to me.

Austin Powers teeth

Do I make you want to floss, baby?

Any-hoo….things did not go as planned and long story short, I had a wisdom tooth removed instead.  I had time on my hands, was hopped up on pain killers and had copious amounts of Lidocaine injected into my mouth.  I laughed in the face of pain. Haha! Actually, it came out more like “pffffhaaa ppppfffhhhhaaa!” due to the gauze.

So what did I do?  I went to my hairdresser’s and moved my appointment up by a day.  Because that’s a perfectly normal thing to do after dental surgery….said nobody. Ever.

Tanya, my sweet hairdresser, knows me well enough to not even blink at my puffy cheeked chipmunk like appearance.  She is a crazy multi-tasker too and would have totally done the same thing. If that is not unconditional love, I don’t know what is.

As I was flipping through my iPad and reading through some of my fave blogs, I noticed that I had a notification on WordPress.

What I read restored my faith in humanity.  Ok, I am being dramatic, but please remember, I was slightly high from pain killers at that point. Nevertheless, it touched me.  It was a little blurb from a fellow blogger asking if I was ok.  I had not posted in a couple weeks and prior to falling off the blogging world’s radar, was bemoaning the fact that I was going through a bit of a funk.

My point is this – never underestimate what even the smallest of kind gestures can do for someone.  Many of us walk the earth with a smile plastered on our faces and everything looks good on paper, but on the inside, we might be holding on by a thread.  That one kind gesture could make a world of difference to a complete stranger.  (Thank you, Jad!)

We live in a time when mental health can at times be shaky at best.  The earth is spinning too fast, social media consumes us, human connections are missed, fleeting or even non existent.

On that note, time to take more Advil.  I can actually feel a pulse in my mouth.

Happy Friday all!


Be Careful What Your Wish For

It was the literal calm before the storm. I haven’t been writing or keeping up with my fave blogs lately.  My intention was/is not to give it up.  I was just taking some time to sort through this funk I’ve been in.  Last night I seemed to have finally come out of it as I was sitting on my back balcony, doing an on-line class from UBC called The Science of Happiness.

Angus and Pacino, (my kitties) were at my feet, the crickets were chirping in the background.  I took a minute to listen and look around.  I was in my element, learning something new.  I said out loud “Thank you, God.”

I have been praying lately that the loneliness inside would go away.  That I find a sense of purpose and contentment once more.  I even asked if He had forgotten about me.  Could He please send a little excitement my way?

Apparently, I should have been WAY more specific with the type of excitement I had ordered.  Thirty minutes later my phone rang and it was my beloved prodigal, asking if he could move back home.

Seriously, God?  This is your idea of a joke, right? Or maybe a lesson for me to shut my big yap when there is an absence of drama and to enjoy the peace that no so long ago I had been praying for night and day. Point taken.

Aaaanyhoooo….seems that the honeymoon stage is over for the couple that moved in together way too fast.  Hey, I love my kid.  I also love him enough to not sugar coat some of his decisions.

So what’s the issue with my son and his gal pal?  By the looks of it, he wants to settle down and she is still the party girl.  She works odd hours, so they are never really together all that much.  She finishes work at about 10pm, and apparently has taken to hitting the bars with her friends afterwards and crawling in at the wee hours.

Did I mention she has a four year old child? So not only does my son work in masonry and restorations, he is also a glorified manny (male version of nanny).

I’m minding my business and am being a sounding board for my son.  In my head though, I’d love to shake little run around Sue like a rag doll.  Maybe throw in a smack up side her head, too.

You’ve got a four year old at home, dumbass.  In case you forgot, you’ve got a pretty decent guy too.  He’s gainfully employed, doesn’t run around, loves you, your kid loves him.  Wake the fuck up!

I’m not sure what is going to happen.  Hopefully they will be able to resolve their differences and be on the same page moving forward.  Or at least be able to finish the term on their lease in an amicable way.

Never a dull moment.