Monday Weigh-in

Good morning everyone.  How are you all doing?  I’m so happy to be getting back to a normal-ish routine with my blogging.

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living in a pressure cooker lately.  Our church’s VBS kicks off this morning.  I’ve been working like a madwoman on the decorations in the sanctuary.  It turned out great, but no easy task given my work schedule has been off the charts since I tendered my resignation last week.  All to say, I’m looking forward to exhaling at the end of this week.

So, without further ado…..the scale


Hooboy….I don’t remember having shoved my feet into a wood chipper….


Note to self: fix that nailpolish before posting a pic. What the hell is wrong with you?!?

I’ve got to run, but will write more this evening if I can keep my eyes open. My boss has been a bit of a jerk since I told him I was leaving.  It’s eating away at me (ha! how apropos!).  This week I’m doing my best to just let it go and move forward.

I need to adopt the “zero craps given” attitude to get by.  Have a great day, all!





I have joined several Meetup groups over the years. Some have been fun, some have been chalk full of misfits and socially awkward people. I do my best not to judge.  Everybody is at a different place in their lives. Personally, I love the anonymity of it all. You go, you meet, you chat, you go home. No strings attached.

You know where I draw the line though?  Mean spirited gossipy behavior. I joined a supper club meetup. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking; “but fatty, why on earth would you do that?”.  I’ll tell you why.  I believe that breaking bread with people is a lovely thing to do.  I love the conversation that takes place around a table. People are usually uninhibited and their true personality comes through during the course of a meal.

Enter the bitch and the boor. This was only my second outing with this particular group. The first one was fantastic.  Everything about it was enjoyable. Not this one.  I was seated next to two vipers; Wayne and Victoria.

I don’t even know where to begin.  Oh wait, yes, I do.  Victoria of the yellowish-green snake like eyes. Let’s start there.  She took an immediate dislike to me.  How can I tell?  She made it a point of excluding me from all conversation.  Pony tail girl to the right of me was not much better. Although she did not strike me as being a bitch.

Snake eyes and Wayne, a.k.a. pretentious dullard, were busy bashing another member and sharing the meetup messages from said member. She was all smiles at the thought of kicking her out of the group, based on an incident with another male member. To her disappointment, though, the lady in question left. Too bad, Vicky-poo.  Chin up, in a couple months you can always stand on the street corners and tell little kids Santa is not real.

Wayne, you’re not too bad.  I can see you are proud of your son and his blossoming career as a chef in San Francisco. It’s just your sense of being better than everybody at the table that grated on my nerves.

There was really only one guy that was genuinely nice. When we both found out we had clinical research career similarities, we chatted up.  Snake eyes and Dullard had a change of attitude towards me. Yes, that’s right, I’m not the dumb-ass you think I am.  Too bad though, my opinion of you has already been made.

ray charles

As we were all leaving, Victoria turned to me and said “I didn’t catch your name?”. Well, why would you?  You were too busy being a mean spirited jerk.

The host to this soiree had zero hosting skills. He just sat on his butt, collected his 2$ meetup fee and chatted with the people closest to him. Not malicious at all, just a lousy host.

So now I’m trying to decide if I should leave the group.  I’m thinking of starting my own supper club for singletons that don’t want to just head home on a Friday night after work.  Going to these places gives me the opportunity to check out the local eateries.  Guess I will think on it some more.


If I Say It Out Loud, Maybe It Will Go Away

Hi folks. I know I was supposed to step on the scale on Monday, but right now, fuck the scale.

I’m scared. Really scared. I’m over the top worried about my son and my mind is in full “jump to conclusions” mode.  I’ve whipped out my non existent medical and RN degree multiple times and have googled the crap out of every possible disease out there.

Last week, my beloved prodigal had a hernia. Or so we thought.  He went to his doc’s, and was sent for an ultrasound on Friday. The technician said that it was not a hernia at all.  His lymph groin was swollen in the groin region.  She said it was nothing to worry about, he’s just probably fighting a little infection. We’re just waiting to hear back from his doctor’s office now.

Uhm…hello. Clearly you don’t know this young man’s mom is the biggest worry wart on the face of the planet. I hear lymph gland and my mind automatically jumps to “lymphoma”. Yesterday he said his neck was a little sore.

He’s coming over for dinner tonight and trust me when I say I’m going to poke and prod his neck and chest like a pincushion.

I’m so scared. I’m doing my best to talk myself down from the rafters. It’s probably nothing, right?  But what if it’s not? Now I’m re-thinking the whole career change thing.  What if he’s sick?  Will a new employer be sympathetic to this?  How am I going to function if he’s sick?  Oh God, please.  Make this fear go away.

I’ve been praying my little heart out.  I’ve offered to take his place if he is sick. Then that scares the crap out of me too.

If any of you out there are people of faith, please say a prayer for my son, Andrew. I will gladly admit that I’ve been a foolish hypochondriac if it turns out to be nothing.

I can’t help but wonder about the timing of this worry.  Everything has been so good and so right lately.  I’ve been praising God for his blessings and thanking him.  So has my son.  He said the other day that since he has moved out on his own, he feels closer to God. As people of faith  we are taught that if we believe in good, then we must believe in it’s polar opposite.  Could we be under spiritual attack? Could this just be to take away our joy and peace?

If you are not people of faith, I know this sound coo coo to you.  If you are, then you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Thanks for listening. I will write more soon.  I might be a little sporadic in my posts; the worrying has left me exhausted.

Hey! I’ve Got Some News To Share

Happy Sunday, all.  It has been a busy week.  Why is it that time never goes by as fast as it does when you are on staycation?  I think I’m going to start writing in a daily journal because these past couple days are a complete blur.

So, not sure if you were around when I posted here .  Just jump straight to paragraph 4.  Well, drumroll please…..I…GOT…THE…JOB!

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I knew I had it all along. Let me explain. I’m a woman of faith. There have been times in my life when opportunities have just been dropped into my lap without me trying. I recognize them and act accordingly.  That, to me, is indication that it is God’s will for my life.  It’s like a big broom is sweeping over me and placing me somewhere else. Weird visual, I know.

Are you still with me? Lol!  I know not everyone is a believer, but I am, and it’s my blog, so..


Ok, seriously.  Here’s what happened.  I NEVER go on linked in.  I should, but I don’t . One morning I thought I’d saunter over there to justify actually having created a profile a gazillion years ago.

Wouldn’t you know it, that exact morning, I received an email from a former colleague.  We hadn’t worked together long, but I took a shine to him because he reminded me of my son.  My heart automatically goes into mom mode when I see a bearded young man.

Aaaaaanyway…..he wrote to tell me that his company was looking for experienced people and he thought of me.  Would I be interested?  I did the typical “I don’t think you can afford me”.  No arrogance was intended here. It’s just that I’ve been at my current place of employment for 11 years.  It adds up, right?

He reassured me that salary was not a problem and invited me to check it out.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Thursday I had to print out my signed letter of acceptance and send it back to my new employer. I have no printer and so I had to stop in at the office at my current job to do that. That’s when it hit me.  Wow.  I’m probably never going to see most of these people again. Even though I was going batshit crazy with boredom, there’s a certain comfort level with what is familiar.

I got out of there. Fast – before I changed my mind!

I haven’t told my boss yet.  There are still six days of vacation that I have to use up.   If I don’t take them, they will be paid out and the government will eat away at it by way of taxation. Oh hell no. That being said, I emailed my boss on Thursday, asking if I can extend my vacation.  He’s away until tomorrow, so I have not heard back yet. I’m planning on handing in my letter of resignation either Friday or the following Monday.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I have other news to share, but will keep that until tomorrow. I’m worried about something. It involves my beloved prodigal. I’m hoping it’s just me being an over protective, worry wart of a mom. This is one time I hope I’m wrong. Stay tuned.


Monday Weigh-in

I know what you’re thinking…oh Monday morning has come and gone and little miss chubby has not stepped on the scale. Or she has, but the result is so disastrous that she is sitting in a corner somewhere in fetal position.

Well…you would be…wrong! I’m on stay-cation and have been super busy. This morning I went out for a run, did laundry, have been back and forth via email for a new job I’m trying to land and time has gotten away from me.

So, without further ado, let’s see what the scale had to say today, shall we?


How do you like them apples, huh?  I’m pretty happy about it.  It’s slow, but it’s progress. What have I done differently?  I’ve been super busy with a new hobby that is keeping me focused and I guess I might have been eating out of boredom. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I can’t think of anything else. I have also returned to my love of reading. Last night I actually sat still for close to one hour, working my way through a really well written book called Pachinko.  My staycation goal is to finish it before I head back to the office next Tuesday.


Oh, what is this new hobby?  I’m glad you asked.  Well, you didn’t, but aaanywaaay…I’ve been drawing.  I have started a one week sketch a day challenge and have been posting on Facebook. Love it. Here’s what I’ve done so far.  It’s rough, but it keeps me focused and it’s time well spent when I’m alone.  Beats stuffing my face to the tune of daily self loathing. Am I right?


Gotta run, thanks for checking in and stay tuned for next week’s weigh in.  If I can manage to lose 10 pounds, I will start posting progress pics.  I took my “before” shot about a month ago.  Oh my…..I look like a little round pink ham.  LOL!

Thanks for reading, chat soon.






Monday Weigh-in


Good Morning all.  Hope you had a terrific weekend. So this is a happy post.  I’m down a little bit from last week. What did I do different?  I’m not sure, just being a little more careful.  I walked a little more and attended Running Room yesterday morning.

I was pro-active over the weekend and prepared salads ahead of time.  Fingers crossed that the numbers on the scale keep moving in the right direction.

I’ve got a super busy week ahead of me.  Usually that translates into not eating properly or getting enough sleep.  Did you know that if you do not get proper sleep, it affects your weight? Huh…isn’t that something? In any case, I am prepared. I have ordered a week’s worth of meals from Chef’s Plate.  My friend at work sent me the link that offered a discount as a promotion.  She swears by it.  My first delivery is due tomorrow.  Stay tuned for another post on that.

Have an awesome day!


It’s Payday!

Oh happy happy day.  I get to go shopping.  Well, first I have to be a responsible adult and pay some bills, put money aside for rent and my regular contributions towards my investments…but what ever is left is ALL MINE!

I have to set goals though or else I will be looking at a bunch of stuff that I can’t believe I bought in a couple months down the road.

Tonight’s shopping jaunt will not be all that exciting.  I saw a pair of sandals I liked and will go claim ownership today. Well, now I’ve probably jinxed myself and they won’t have my size.

I need “lady items”. You know, over the shoulder boulder holders. That’s not a very elegant way to describe the girls, but I find it funny.  Why am I even telling you this?  It’s not like I’m going to be posting pics of that for goodness sakes. Ah, now I understand why…no coffee yet.  That equals to no filter in this joint.

Have a great Thursday all.  Remember, one more day and c’est le weekend!