Hey…Remember Me?

So yeaaahh…I’m back. Again. What’s been going on with me? Loads…and I’m not just referring to the amount of weight I have gained since the onset of this blasted pandemic.

I don’t even know where to begin. This post will just be a trailer to all that is swimming around in my head and clamoring for attention.

Dating – oh boy. I have sporadically dated on and off, even during the pandemic. I have come to a conclusion….I’m done. If ever a decent, nice looking, non socially retarded man walks into my life, I will swing those doors wide open and usher him in. Until then though, no thank you.

Home Renos. Yup, just one year in and my bathroom needs an overhaul due to….drumroll please. Mold. In. The. Walls. Fantastic.

Buying a piece of land. The pull to the country and away from the city is becoming increasingly attractive. I’m hooked on those tiny house shows and container living. It sounds worse than it is, trust me.

Getting my shit together. I seem to be all over the place most of the time. It’s really frustrating. I’m pretty sure I am undiagnosed ADHD. Being so easily distracted and always having several things on the go and nothing getting finished is driving me absolutely bonkers.

Random thought – I started this blog years ago in an attempt to document my weight loss journey. Since having done so, the exact opposite has happened. I have GAINED. Ugh. We might be going back to the office in the next couple months, and unless muu muus make a comeback, I’m screwed.

So many things to do, learn, experience, and not enough time to do them. I feel like a hamster on a wheel most days. Work sure has a way of slowing you down, am I right? Kidding. Kind of.

Changes in WordPress. I can’t navigate as easily as I used to. My fault for being away so long.

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