Happy Easter!

Peeps! Happy Easter! Wow, it’s been so long that I have written that I am unfamiliar with how to navigate through WordPress. Looks like some changes happened since I last logged on.

This week marked my first year anniversary as a home owner. Isn’t that crazy? A whole calendar year has gone by since this blasted pandemic started and we are still in the thick of it. We’re at the beginning of the third wave in my neck of the woods.

The government has been handling this like a bunch of flying monkeys in a circus sideshow. Curfews, no curfews, lock downs, no lock downs, kids in school, kids not in school. For crying out loud, can you pick one and stick to it before we all collectively lose our minds.

My prediction is that we will have a total of six waves. I don’t think this will end any time soon.

Well, enough about that. Today will be spent relaxing and then off to church at 4pm. Speaking of church, my beloved prodigal has started showing an interest in attending. Finally! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

Allrighty, have yourselves a wonderful Sunday! Talk soon.


Excuse me, Bugs, but where’s your mask?

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Ugh trust me, Ontario is no better! We are in our third lockdown, but Toronto has been in the grey zone since NOVEMBER 23rd!!! The zones only apply to health regions so others have been enjoying some awesome indoors dining and hair cuts and tattoos and nail salons. We have not. Since November!

    They pushed our spring break, which will start on the 12th but do teachers get priority vaccines? Nopes. The whole province is shut down but schools will remain open. Mine had an outbreak last week so we are all at home anyways….

    Church for me too! But at 9 and only online lol and then a day of relaxing hehe


      • We have been masks on all the time all year in schools. Right now my school is doing 2 weeks at home just to be safe. But after spring break we will be going back. Or so says the people in charge right now. We’ll see what actually happens now that we’re in our 3rd lockdown. We are averaging about 3000 cases a day which is usually when they close the schools so we will see


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