04 January 2020

Today was my first day back to the grind. I am pooped. Everybody was really nice, but the place is still a disorganized train wreck. I had to pop an Atavan minutes before a meeting. I hate the meetings that last more than an hour because it gives the people more time to spin themselves and the rest of us in a vortex of confusion and never ending what ifs scenarios. Given a choice of living another year with this pandemic or continuing on this particular project, COVID wins, hands down.

The prodigal came over yesterday and I was helping him fill out his passport application. Then he started talking to me about his live in girlfriend. He sure can pick ’em is all I have to say. She is a nice enough girl, but they all seem to have some issue or another. Sigh….

Anyhoo, I’m too pooped to write anymore, so it’s nighty night for me.

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.

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