It’s Not Going To Work Out Between Us And Here’s Why. Scenario #5

Oh man, I nearly forgot about this guy. We never actually met. He was too terrified to meet people during the pandemic. We had started chatting one night on the dating site and the conversation was flowing, but there were lags and delays due to the time of the day and the server being overloaded, I guess.

We started texting. His name was Victor, which kind of made me cringe. Why? Because, that was my dad’s name. I was maybe getting ahead of myself, but let’s pretend for a minute that we ever were intimate. Not you and me – me and Victor. (Just thought I’d make that clear, given my questionable behavior this Summer…aaaaanyway…..) I just couldn’t imagine myself, in the throes of passion, calling out my dad’s name. Eeeewwwwww.

We even spoke a couple times but honestly, his voice was bland, his conversation was bland, he was bland. You now when you’re trying to figure out if you can force yourself to be attracted to someone? Well, that’s what I was doing.

I would go back to the website we met on and look at his pictures to see if his appearance would ignite any sparks at all. Nope. Nothing.

To make matters more awkward, he would send me a message each time he saw I was online. I felt like he was keeping tabs on me. Aren’t you supposed to be quiet about your stalking?

We were still texting and then he asked if I ever got “frisky” Eeew. Why do men do that? It’s such a turnoff, especially when you haven’t even met in person yet. When you reach your 50’s, try classing it up a bit, will ya? Also, who says frisky anymore?

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like leaving certain things to the imagination. Let’s face it, if you are dating someone, it’s kind of a given that at some point you will be intimate. Why the need to discuss before-hand? When that happens, this weird visual happens in my head. I imagine the guy standing in front of someone’s window, naked under a trench coat, waiting to flash passersby.

Shortly after this exchange, I started pulling back and not responding to his texts or phone calls right away. When I did finally speak to him, I lied. I said that I was introduced to a friend of a friend and we hit it off and wanted to see if it was going to lead to anything. He said he had a feeling I had met someone else. Geez….the possibility that it was just him that was not appealing never even occurred to him. Whatever.

So, yeah, another one added to the ”next” list.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Going To Work Out Between Us And Here’s Why. Scenario #5

  1. Oh man! I once was talking to a guy and found out after his name was the same as my brother and I was like “no sorry I cant do this anymore” and he actually argued with me about it!! LOL he was an only child so he didn’t understand. But my brother has such a common name! He doesn’t think its too big of a deal because of how common it is, but he said if he found anyone with MY name, that would be weird haha cos my name is very uncommon.


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