So, Italy.

You might find me a little ADHD with this post.  I am going to be all over the place with it.

So, Italy.  I’ve been talking about this for two years.  Actually, more like I’ve been putting it off for two years. My reason for that? Finances. My mantra was that I refuse to reward bad behavior.  What bad behavior you ask? Credit cards.  For many years I was a buy now pay later gal.  Learned my lesson on that one.

Lately I’ve been a little down, which is why I haven’t been posting or catching up with other bloggers.  Reason?  I’m lonely.  Or maybe it’s a midlife crisis, I don’t know.

There is no reason for me to feel like this.  I have a good job that pays well.  My health (being chubby aside) is good, have a good relationship with my family, have friends, a nice apartment that is affordable, my car is paid.  What’s missing?

At first I thought it might be a spouse/companion/boyfriend. Maybe, maybe not.  Lord knows I have tried.  After three months of honestly trying to reach out to others online, I decided not to renew my membership to a dating site.  Which begs the question…what’s wrong with me?  Why is this so easy for everyone else, but it never works out for me? (I warned you I would be all over the place with this).

Even though everything else seems perfect on the outside, on the inside, there’s a bit of a void.  Wanderlust is setting in.  I want to go on an adventure, break away from the routine.  So, Italy.


Last week I stopped off at Chapters to pick up a National Geographic travel guide.  Then, to make doubly sure I go through with it, I fired off an email to my travel agent to start the ball rolling.

Next, I’m starting my little travel fund and socking away as much money as I can for the anticipated trip in May.

All of a sudden, things don’t feel as bleak.  There’s the answer.  I need something to look forward to.  The every day humdrum routine of work, home, weekend – lather rinse repeat, is a killer for me.

Only thing is…what happens after the trip?  Will I still feel this way? I just don’t understand what this is about.  It is some sort of existential crisis? Am I bored?  Am I depressed?

Does anyone else ever feel this way? If so, how do you get yourselves out of this kind of funk?  Does it pass?  I hope so….



2 thoughts on “So, Italy.

  1. I think we all have funks and sometimes it is really hard to know the cause. Other times it might be a multitude of things. I am glad you have committed to a trip to Italy. It’s great to have something to look forward too… My biggest piece of advice, dont get so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey along the way!!

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