Staycation Day #8 (Friday)

The morning started off on such a nice foot.  The prodigal called me to ask if he could stop by to pick up his mail.  It was raining (again) and his work was cancelled for the day. Sidebar:  every rain day has me worried he might not be covering his rent!  Aaaaanyways….we had coffee together and I made him a big breakfast.  What can I say?  Once a mom, always a mom.  We love to feed our boys when they come for a visit.

As hard a time as we have had as a family, it does my heart good to know that he enjoys stopping by and shooting the breeze with his mamma. Ok, and to use my Wifi. LOL! They still have not gotten around to doing that.  All good.

Once he left, it was off to the Apple store for my Ipad Pro tutorial.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Can you say love?  That store rocked my socks off.  Granted, I was beyond the beginner’s stage from fiddling around with it over the past few months, but I did still learn a couple things.

We were a total of four; me, two nice ladies and..enter Zsa Zsa Gabor wannabe annoying diva.  It was 11 am folks, and this glamour puss walked in with a cocktail dress and more bling you can shake a stick at.  Hey, I’m all for putting your best foot forward, but cheese and rice, lady.  Take it easy!

Before she even opened her mouth, I knew exactly what she would sound like and how she would behave. She was going to be the one who was especially needy and would interrupt every two seconds and keep pressing buttons immediately after the instructor would tell us not to.  Two minutes in aaaaaand I nailed it.

Here is a photograph of our humble instructor.  What a sweetheart; so patient and kind.  Apparently he has a blog going here on WordPress.  I can’t for the life of me find it though.  If any of you all are savvier than I and find it, please let me know. It’s called Food Girl Beer Guy.


Later in the evening I headed out Place des Arts to catch battle of the bands between The Xavier Cugat and Cab Calloway orchestras.  Interesting tidbit I did not know; the band leader, Christopher Brooks Calloway is the grandson of the late great Cab Calloway.  Spoiler alert – they won for a second year in a row.


I wish we were allowed to take photographs. That particular room is spectacular and was set up so authentically to the years when that music was hip.  Well, it still is, in my humble opinion.  I had a father that was older than my mom and I have memories of hearing that stuff playing in the background when I was growing up.

I had a smile on my face from ear to ear.  That’s when a particularly vile odor wafted around me.  Oh geez, the dude next to me let one go.  Ok, find, it happens. Let’s move on.

Well, apparently it was a segue to what the next 40 minutes would be like.  My brochure was being fanned so furiously I’m sure the orchestra thought I was trying to start a fire.

For eff’s sake, Farty McGee, get thee to the restroom!  People can be so utterly disgusting at times.  He got the message when I looked right at his silly little mug and gave him the death stare.

At intermission he popped out of his seat and left.  All I could think of was “dude, I don’t care how long the line is at the loo, you’d best pay it a visit or I will  lose it”.

When he came back he seemed to hesitate sitting next to me.  Rightly so, stinky, rightly so.

You can dress some people, but you can’t take them out.

Happy Sunday, all!



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