Staycation Day #6 and #7 (Wednesday/Thursday)

I have a question.  Why why why doesn’t time fly by this quickly at work?

Yesterday I decided to pop in on a friend who is a stay at home mom to three lovely little boys.  Talk about a multicultural family.  She is from Canada, her hubs is first generation Canadian and his family is from Pakistan, her eldest son is from the Phillipines, her middle boy is from Vietnam and the littlest one is from China.   Not sure why I felt it was important to mention that.

Anyhoooo…..I thought I’d drop by Tim Hortons to get a box of Timbits for the kiddies and a coffee for myself.  So when it came time to pick up my order at the drive through, I was greeted by one of the snottiest, rudest piece of work in my life.

She kept shoving hot coffee at me that was dripping on to my hand.  I asked for a napkin.  She yanks the coffee out of my hands, pours some out and then shoves the still dripping cup at me.  No napkin.  So I asked a second time for a napkin.  She lunges at me again to grab the cup.  I cut her off.  Could you please just give me a napkin?

In my head I’m thinking : Could you stop dumping coffee that I have paid for? I’d like to actually have something left in my cup.  Secondly, are you fresh out of napkins?  I’m a big girl, I got this, really.  Thirdly, I’m “this close” to going ape-shit on your stinking attitude little miss rude pants.

Miss Congeniality then says “I”m JUST trying to help you”., flings a napkin at me and slams the little drive through door shut in my face.  OMG….

So I did what every normal mature adult would do….wait, no I didn’t.  I let her rip.  I yelled “THANKS FOR THE ATTITUDE, BITCH!” and drove off.



Just. Give. Me. A. Napkin…..

Why did I sink to that level?  I should have parked the car, walked in, and asked to speak to her manager.  Even that is petty, I know.  I guess I just miss the days when people working at restos or cashiers didn’t act like you were BOTHERING them.  Not to mention trying to scald customers with hot coffee.

So, then I visited my friend and did not utter a word of my momentary crazy bitch behavior.  Later in the evening I went out with some girls for dinner and still did not mention my psycho behavior. So please, don’t tell anyone, ok?

Today, I did the most mundane but necessary things; renew my car insurance, stopped at the SSAQ to renew my driver’s license and medicare card.  Oh what a surprise, the government officials there had the one token grumpy employee and I was next.  She was all smiles for good looking young buck ahead of me though.

Customer service in Montreal can suck so bad.

So, this evening I’m off to a FREE outdoor concert with another couple friends.  Oh boy, I’m loving this routine.  Reality will hit hard in a week’s time when I have to go back to work.

Have a good night, folks!


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