Staycation Day #4 (Monday)

Bang bang bang bang bang.  That is the sound I woke up to Monday morning.  I don’t know what the deal is on this street.  It’s like a zombie construction worker/independent contractor/renovators apocalypse.

Well, since I’m up….may as well get the day going.  I spent the morning reading emails and some of my favorite blogs.  Then I made this awesome Meat Moussaka a-la-Weight Watchers style.  Super yummy and low in points and calories.  A girl’s gotta eat..


Once done, I headed downtown to catch the jazz-fest.  Oh what a treat for all senses!  This lady in red was doing this all day.  I can’t even image….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh hello!  Not sure what this had to do with jazz, but it was very creative and fun to look at!


Tourist or festival employee…you decide.



Must have been one helluva party!

The first act I caught was, well…very dull.  I will not mention his name, as I don’t feel right about publicly bashing anyone.  I will say this, however, for a jazz musician, he was very….vanilla….and as the front man, he played…the electric bass.  I don’t get it either.


Mister Snappy Socks – way more interesting that the band that shall remain nameless.

Montreal is know for its culinary delights.  We have some of the best restos and food trucks.  Last night was no exception, here is just a small sampling of what was available.

There next two acts that I caught were spectacular.  The first was the Johnny Max Band. The lead singer has a very seasoned voice and a very big stage presence.  I even bought their CD after the show.  If you are a fan of blues, you must check these guys out.  Let me know what you think!

The second was Dawn Tyler Watson.  This is the second time I have seen her and what an amazing set of pipes! I was able to squeeze myself into a little spot on the side of the stage.  See? One more benefit of going out solo!

There was also lots of fun to be had for the little ones!  Happy kids = happy parents.

The last act I caught was a band from Brazil called Bixiga 70.  Very big on percussion and bongos.  I think it may have been their first time in Montreal.  They really put their heart into performing.  I listened for a while then head back home.

That was my day in a nutshell.  Good night folks!


Mouah! Nighty night!


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