Staycation Day #3 (Sunday)

Sunday.  The day of rest. The weather here still was not cooperating all that much.  Maybe its for the best?  Knowing me, I would be racing around all over town trying to cram as much in as I could.

I did my best to truly relax, but I’m still having trouble with that. Sitting still and reading a book and doing JUST that would be amazing.  I truly envy people who can do that without getting up to put another load of laundry in, wash dishes, spot tidying up.

So, this was my version of a rest day.  After my morning smoothie, I went downstairs with the furballs and let them enjoy fresh air as I sipped my tea on the steps.  They LOVE going outside and never stray far from me. It’s pretty funny.  People on the street always stop and ask if they ever run away.  Nope, they do not.  They stay very close by.  I’m sure they think I’m some sort of witch with her two black cats.


Open. The. Door!


20170702_081939 (1)

Who needs a weed whacker with this guy around?

I spent some time in Scripture.  It was nice, so quiet and the cool wind was refreshing.

20170702_082243 (1)

Then I moved on to my latest read, CEO of Everything by Gail Vaz Oxlade.  Remember her?  She is the loud mouthed financial guru that would tell people how it is on the series Till Debt do Us Part and Princess.  My e-reader decided to up and die though! Aak!  Thank goodness for the wonderful world of apps on my iPad.


I basically just poked around the apartment until church.  Service starts at 4pm; I left the house at 4:15.  Every. Single. Week.  Yes, I have issues with time management.

After church I went out for a bowl of soup with a friend. Oh I know! Soup! After church! Woohoo! Livin’ the dream, folks!  All kidding aside, I do this because I know this lady from church is a little lonely since she has retired.  She never married and has no children.  She’s a sweet person and I enjoy chatting with her.  Although she is somewhat naive in some respects, she is very strong in her faith.  We have some great conversations.

My day ended with just sitting with my feet up in the evening, browsing on the internet with some jazz playing in the background.

Speaking of jazz, today I’ll be heading down town to the Montreal Jazzfest downtown. And yes, I’ll be bringing my umbrella.


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