Staycation…and I’m Taking You All With Me

Woot woot! Fourteen glorious days off.  This year will be another staycation.  However, that does not mean that I can’t make the most of it. Planning ahead of time is key to enjoying what can be a fantastic vacation, without breaking the bank in the process.  Its kind of like playing hookie from school without the guilt. staycation-real

I’ve put  together an itinerary of local events and things to do for the next two weeks.  I find if I don’t do that, my days will be wasted away just sitting in front of my laptop. Social media can be such a time thief and hours can go by like seconds.

Today is Canada day!  Happy 150th, old gal!  I wish I could say that the weather is cooperating, but it isn’t.  The skies are grey and heavy.  Judging by the pounding in my head, that’s the way it’s going to be aaaalllll day.

So with all the stores closed and a limited budget today, what’s a gal to do?  After I finished laundry and cleaning, I think I will pull on my rain-boots and go for a walk by the lake shore and check out the festivities.

I am so looking forward to the time to myself, but you are all welcome to come with if you’d like!

Just to kick things off on the right note, I stopped by to see the prodigal yesterday morning and to settle this mama’s worried heart. He is fine and learning to adjust to his new living conditions and what it is like to share an apartment with his gal pal and her little son.  It’s in God’s hands now.  My job is done and I have to trust that all will be okay.  It’s my time now.

Then I drove out to mom’s place and we visited one of my favorite uncles.  This man is so crazy talented.  He gave me one of his paintings and I feel so blessed to have this beauty in my home.  Here she is:

jc canvas

Then we headed out for a nice pasta supper together, followed by sipping tea on her front porch and looking out at the mountain and chatting.  I love it there, it’s so peaceful.

What are your Summer plans?  Are you heading abroad or stating put?

So that was my Friday, Day #1 of the Staycation.  More to come.  Happy Saturday all!







4 thoughts on “Staycation…and I’m Taking You All With Me

  1. Summer plans for me are to work! I have to take 2 weeks off due to a housing situation so that loss of pay means no other travel for me. I’ll be going to my parents’ house to mooch off them for the two weeks, play with my pup and try to hang out with my friends who still live in the small town. But it will be relaxing!


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