Feeling a Little ADHD-ish

If someone were to ask me how I’m feeling today, that would be my answer.  From the minute my eyes popped open this morning, my brain has been busy busy busy.

Many a day I find myself just plain paralyzed by choices.  I’m an artistic type and could very well spend my time solely in my head.  Lots of seriously fun and amazing stuff happens in there.  The trouble is, I have a hard time putting that into motion on the outside, in the real world.

It’s not unlike me to start several things at once, only to look around and find a bit of a mess in just about every freaking room in the apartment.

For instance, I have been trying to finish the dishes since 8:30 a.m. this morning.  It is now close to noon.  Arck!  Time gets away from me.

I have decided that the only way I can keep myself on track is to write things down.  So, here is the list for today.


This is just the condensed version, folks.  I should seriously write down every little thing of to do’s that crosses my mind in a day. I’d run out of paper, I’m sure.

If I cross off at least two of these items today, I will be thrilled.

Yes, yes, I could very well pop all all of this into my phone or iPad, but creatives are usually tactile people and that is why I love lists on pretty paper or in funky little notebooks.

These are my two favorites.  One is my personal journal and the other what I now will be jotting everything down from ideas for posts, outings, websites, inspirations, etc. etc. etc.


Love me some polka dots!

I’d love to write more, but I’m looking at the clock and am panicking that I’m not out the door yet..sigh…I guess this is what a hamster on a wheel feels like.

Happy Friday all!









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