People Can Be So Stooooopid.

Saturday morning the prodigal and I were packing up some of his remaining odd and ends for his move.  He and his gal pal found a really cute apartment and he was leaving the nest.

I live on a quiet residential street where there is a mix of young families, singletons, and older folks.  Nothing crazy ever happens here which is great, considering I live about 15 minutes away from downtown core.

Then, out of nowhere, we heard screeching tires and shouting.   Very unusual for these parts.  My son was curious and stepped out on to the balcony to see what was going on.  Then I heard “what the….MOM CALL THE POLICE! SOMEONE IS BEING KIDNAPPED”

I poked my head out there just long enough to see a guy wearing a mask and throwing someone into the trunk of his car and scream at the other car to go.  My son ran down the stairs to slam and lock the door.  He had been taking pictures and one of the guys looked up and saw him.

So there we both were, practically crapping our pants, waiting for the police to arrive as I was talking with the 911 operator.

Moments later, they were back.  That’s it, we’re goners.  No, wait, the police is right behind them.  Now everyone is laughing.  What??

Turns out this was a bachelor party prank…..are you freaking kidding me?  Do you know how badly this could have turned out? What if the cops shot them up and asked questions later?  These morons sped down the road at about 60 miles per hour.  There are little kids on this street!  They could have hit one of them.  Morons!

idiots everywhere

Flash forward later in the afternoon.  My friend and I attended a folk music festival on the Lachine Canal.  We found a shady spot under a tree and parked our butts on our lawn chairs and enjoyed the music and people watching.  The atmosphere was super chill.

folk music fest

Then the good vibes were were enjoying was interrupted by what I can only assume was the soon to be bride of one of this morning’s band of merry half wits.

Yup, a bachelorette party was in full swing.  While waiting for the light to change, they were leaning out of the limos, screaming and waving penis shaped balloons while honking their horns.


Oh hello, am I distracting you? Sorry…

Sigh….ok, we get it, you’re getting hitched….now will you kindly shut the eff up and move along?  It was embarrassing, even the performer on stage was momentarily distracted by the sight of a giant pink pecker waving to and fro.

There was a family with little kids sitting near by and before you know it, they were wailing that they wanted balloons too.  Awkward….

Never a dull moment, folks.













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