I Had A Date – With Myself

Last Saturday I planned absolutely nothing with anyone but little ole me.  Basically, I had a date with myself.

My church is having a clothing drive fund raiser to help offer free day camp this Summer to the local kids.  The neighborhood we’re situated in is an impoverished part of town and parents just don’t have the means to pay for any little extras.

That being said, my closet has been victimized by my latest urge to purge.  It’s incredible how much stuff I had been holding on to.

So, now that I have all this free space in there, seems like a good time to change up my look and start fresh.  Am I right?!  Off to the mall I go!  Shopping has never been my thing.  My retail experiences were a bit like drive by shootings – fast, furious and usually with disastrous results, leaving my poor wallet and ego in tatters.  Picture me racing out of the mall at top speed, jumping into my Toyota Corolla and yelling drive! drive! drive!

I’m also at that in between stage – no longer young enough for “hoochie mama” gear and too young for the granny look.  You guys.  Can we please do away with the skinny jeans?  I’m a curvy gal and those things look absolutely horrible on me.  When I can get them past mid thigh, I look 5′ 2″ (un) tall and wide.

After a couple of cringe worthy moments in that three way mirror, I decided to just give up.  It was getting to be too much and wanted to do the walk of shame back home and drown my sorrows in ice cream.  Determined to turn this around, I decided to make the best of my day out and just poke around and browse at a leisurely pace.  No commitment or mission to buy anything.

Helloooo Apple store.  How crazy fun is that place?!   After having explained to Quinn and Skyler (seriously?) that this was my first time there, they absolutely lit up.  I’m pretty sure I heard Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” being softly filtered through the store.   Yes, I walked in an Apple store virgin, touched for the very first time,  and walked out a woman.  I’ll be seeing them in their upcoming iPad tutorials.  You’re welcome for the free plug, Apple and Madonna.

I left the store fresh faced and flushed, and oddly craving a cigarette.  Which is weird, because I do not smoke.

My next stop was Lush, the bath products store.  Am I craving a shower now? What’s going on here?  I walked out with an $11 bar of soap called Australie that smells so good I could eat it.  But won’t.  Even I have my limits.

On the way home I was absolutely famished and dangerously close to “hangry”.  Instead of pulling in to a fast food take out for a down and dirty dietary quickie, I drove to the grocery store and filled my basket with good food choices instead.

I ended up having such a good time that I didn’t want my date to end.  I’ll definitely be saying yes to another outing with myself.  Could this be love?


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