In the Beginning…

I realized the other day that I’ve kind of strayed from the intended purpose of this blog. It’s meant to be about my weight loss journey and everything in between.  Lately it’s been mostly about the in between.

That being said, I’ve also completely abandoned tracking my food.  You’re welcome, Weight Watchers.  Enjoy my monthly payments while I do absolutely nothing.

My scale also broke.  Yes, it’s true.  No I did not break it by stepping on it.  I say that only because I know that’s where my mind would have gone had I read this on someone’s blog.

In the mean time, I’ve started getting my motivation back by watching various YouTube channels.  There’s one in particular that I absolutely adored, but will remain nameless as I don’t want to bash her publicly.  (I’ll just do that in the privacy of my home!).

She’s got a lot of good DIY clips and organizing and makeup tutorials, etc. etc.  She has her hubby appear on some of her clips as well.  They live in Hawaii and they both seem super down to earth and genuinely nice people.

Then I started watching her vegan challenge series.

Give me a freaking break, lady.  How can anyone survive on such little food and fruit fruit fruit all day long?  Do they not move at all in the day?  I’d be passed out by 10:30 a.m.

Her hubs is right in there with her, encouraging and supporting her.  At the beginning of their clips he was looking pretty good with a nice beefcake physique.  Now he looks gaunt and whipped into dietary submission/hell and looks like he’s aged about 10 years.  Their regime is ridiculously restrictive.

One night “dinner” consisted of “tacos”.  The shells were actually raw red cabbage leaves, filled with avocado, quinoa, olives and a light dusting of let’s pretend this will fill us until the morning.  Apparently she was not able to eat her four cabbage leaves and only had two.

I never see him in the food videos.  I’m guessing he’s either passed out in the hallway or sneaking out the back door and driving like his ass is on fire to the local burger joint while she is sauteing air for dinner.

I’m all for healthy eating, folks, but seriously….eat SOMETHING!  I take my hat off to folks who are health conscious and appreciate the food/mind/body connection.  What I cannot stand is people who make food “weird”.  Have you ever tried going to a restaurant with these types?  You can bet your ass someone’s plate will have been spit into by the wait staff at some point.

PS – no vegans, vegetarians or carnivores were harmed in today’s rant.

PPS – I’m a little hangry right now, so best get to breakfast.

PPPS – I’m starting to track my food again and am back on the WW wagon.


4 thoughts on “In the Beginning…

  1. The “tacos” don’t sound half bad but… let’s get some rice or something on the side! Bloody hell, I cannot imagine eating so little and expecting it to get me through the day. I’m tired just thinking about it. Your post cracked me up, though. xoxo

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    • They also drink quite a bit of smoothies. No yogourt, just frozen fruit and ice and a medjool date thrown in willy nilly here and there. I’m doing Weight Watchers and was very surprised to hear that food composition is altered dramatically when it’s thrown in a blender or food processor. A banana alone is fine, but turns to pure sugar when you have turned it to a smoothie. It’s a real science!

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