Counting Sheep is a Big Fat Lie

It is 1:38 a.m. and I can not for the life of me get back to sleep.  Insomnia really sucks. Actually, it’s not so much insomnia.  It’s creativity.  If I go past 10pm and I’m still awake, I get my second wind and that’s when all the ideas for DIYs and decorating and writing kick in to over drive.

Here’s what’s taken up residence in my head at this very moment – I’m going to paint my dresser this weekend.  It doesn’t stop there, though.  Then I started looking at my bedroom walls.  Although I like the color, a very soft almost white pink, one wall is need of a little something.  Should I paint an accent color?  Maybe wallpaper – it’s making a comeback, you know. Then that naturally leads me to wanting to change my bedding for the upcoming Summer season.

Then, naturally, my mind wanders to decluttering.  I’ve gotten rid of so much since I downsized to a smaller apartment two years ago, but I’m sure I can still get rid of more stuff.  Hey, maybe I’ll sift through my storage space tomorrow and purge a little more.

Then I’m thinking, I just got my new iPad – a 10 year anniversary gift from my employer, and I really should just go to that little tea house I’ve been meaning to discover and just sit and read though the e-manual and also to read through the blogs I’m following on WordPress.

I haven’t been journaling lately, so I really should do that, too.

Someone please, help me find the “off” switch to my brain.  I feel like it’s going to explode and it’s taking everything I have in me not to start reorganizing my furniture.  That would go over so well with my coo coo landlady downstairs.

So many ideas, so many things and places to explore, so much creativity dying to be unleashed.

Uh oh, Angus McKitten and Pacino are giving me the stink eye and that’s my cue to say goodnight and turn out the lights.


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