People I’d Like to Punch in the Throat

This weekend was peppered with drama that began at 5:45pm on Friday and finally ended at about 1:00 pm Sunday.

It was just one more clear indication of how badly I want to become a home owner. Landlords come in all shapes and sizes.  Mine comes in size CONTROLLING PAIN IN THE ARSE.

Just trying to write about this gets my blood boiling all over again.  I lead a quiet life, pay my bills, keep the place clean, don’t nag PITA (aforementioned Pain In The Arse landlady) for every little thing.  Even if the roof were to cave in on my head, I’d hesitate telling her because THAT’S how much I dread spending any time around her.

When I first moved in here two years ago, it seemed like the perfect scenario.  The rent was super reasonable, nice area, and I knew her from church.  She sought me out and offered the apartment.  I jumped on it.  I should stop jumping because clearly I had no idea that by signing a lease here I would also be signing away my sanity and privacy.

She and her husband do not work and are at home aaaalllll day.  Winters are long here in Canada and this is about the time of year where she starts getting cabin fever and that is her cue to start bugging the shit out of me.  For some folks, any attention is good attention.  She chooses to create drama and make a pest of herself.  Then plays the victim, hoping to reel me in.  Doesn’t work, sorry.

It was not unusual to get multiple emails from her in the week, digging for personal information about my son, me, work, my mother, etc., etc.  Oh, and do I feel like getting together for blablablabla.

I stopped answering the emails.  Well,when she didn’t get that hint, she let herself in unannounced a couple times and would send me an email afterwards to advise me. When I flipped and told her I was so not okay with the way she lets herself in and out on a whim, she responded by sending an emotional email (again…why email all the time? ), trying to make me feel guilty for asking her to respect my privacy.  So now I’m the bad guy.

This weekend’s drama-fest was because I did not drop everything and run to the post office to receive my notice of rent increase quickly enough for her.  She started sending emails (again!) on Friday asking why I didn’t pick it up yet, what’s the delay, when will I pick it up, will it be soon? She wanted to know why, right away.

Gee, maybe it’s because 1) I didn’t get around to it yet 2) I work full time 3) I have a life 4) we already discussed the increase, negotiated and came to an agreement by email  5) have you thought of doing something about your control issues? 6) can you please relax and stop bugging me?

Some days people are real ass hats and richly deserve a punch in the throat.  Maybe two.



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