#Throwback Thursday! – Sidling Up to the Bar or Holding on for Dear Life. It’s Open to Interpretation

I’m just having way too much fun rediscovering old photographs of my hey days.  Here is a classic from the 80’s.  In this shot, my best friend and I were at a favorite stomping ground called Ralfies.  I’m the blonde with the big hair.

We partied. A lot.  Funny thing is though, I don’t recall either one of us ever taking our wallets out all that much.  It’s just as well because I think most of our wages must have been spent on hairspray anyway.

Just remember folks, friends don’t let friends tease their hair drunk.

TBT Karen and Chris

Holding on to the bar because a) obviously drunk, b) so much hair I might tip over or c) all of the above.

Happy Thursday everyone.




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