Seeing as how I wrote about purging yesterday, it’s only fitting that I write about bingeing. My latest obsession is Crave TV.  Although I’ve never been much of a couch potato….mmmm…potatoes..erhm.. sorry, distraction.., where was I?  Oh yes, TV.

I bought myself a new Smart tv as a Christmas present.  My antique boob tube was becoming a point of contention and embarrassment.  You know the kind, with the big bulging bubble in the back and weighs a ton.  It was a gift from a former love…in 2011.  I know.  That thing just would not die and I feel kind of guilty tossing something if it is still in good working condition.

All of my living room furniture had recently been upgraded and there was this beast, sitting in the corner looking awkward.  It was her or me.  She lost.

So now that I’m somewhat up to date with technology, I have rediscovered the joy of watching television in the evenings.  Trouble is, as with most things with me, I don’t know when to stop.  I have plowed through an entire season of “Billions” in a week’s time.  I can’t get enough, and now I’m working my way through season 2.  The end is near and I’m already having withdrawals.

It doesn’t sound very healthy, I know.  However, I’m also doing work outs in the morning via Youtube.  There’s a channel called Fitness Blender that offers amazing workouts that vary in length and intensity.  Love it!  I never though I’d be a morning exerciser, but with this, problem-o.  It has encouraged me to toss all my workout DVDs and donate them to goodwill (remember yesterday’s post about purging?).  Hey, every little bit helps, right?  At least I’m moving, and I’m also de-cluttering.  Win/win.



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