I’m in total purge mode these days.  Let me clarify though, I’m not talking food (for once), but getting rid of stuff. Stuff stuff stuff (spoiler alert – I’m going to say “stuff” A LOT). Amazing how much we accumulate in a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m am no hoarder. (I briefly dated one but that is a story for another post.  I will tell you about that one, promise)  If anything, people have always remarked that I am a minimalist in my home decor.

Where does all this “stuff” come from??  I moved in to this apartment two years ago.  After my son left the nest, a.k.a. the revolving door (the first time) I decided to downsize.  The night of the move, I started to panic.  The moving truck had pulled away and was en route to deliver my furniture to the new place, but there were no boxes left and a shit load of stuff still hanging around, waiting to be packed.

So we did what we had to…made about a gazillion and one trips back and forth by car, just piling stuff in every crevice of the car possible and literally dumping everything in the middle of the living room.  (I’m still apologizing to my two cats for that one – they hid for days)

By this time it was midnight and we were still not done.  I sat in the middle of my living room floor and was on the brink of a meltdown.  I was past the point of fed up and discouraged.  Let me tell you, it’s amazing how unattached you can become to some items when you just want to end your life with the tape gun and box cutter.

Turns out there was a whole lot of stuff I could very easily live without and they found their resting place in a pile about three feet high on the side of the curb ready for the trash.  My former landlord actually came out and started rearranging my cast offs.  Cheese and rice, buddy, seriously?

I guess I’m also metaphorically going through a purging ritual. As I’m learning to take care of my body and my soul, I’m throwing out all the garbage that I’ve been carrying around with me for far too long.  That stuff that has manifested itself in extra pounds and a sense of anxiety for many many years.

No more.  When this transformation of mine is done, I will be a new person, both inside and out.  It’s been a long time coming.



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