Flashback Friday – Outing My Enabler

My editions of FBF will be a little different.  Since this is a blog about weight loss and the ups and downs that I will be subjecting myself to along the way, I thought I’d post stuff about where and when my love of food and issues surrounding that cropped up.

So here is where the trouble began.  We all know moms show love by feeding their kids.  Mine was no exception.  However, as I look at this pic, I can’t help but question her choice of a snack for a three year old child.  Really mom?  A bag of chips?  Whatever happened to fruits and cheese and veggies?  Also, did I really need to be eating outside on an obviously cold day?  Shouldn’t I have been running around and jumping in snowbanks or something? Lol!

It’s really interesting how things change over the years.  Back then this was a perfectly acceptable snack.  Today though, oh boy, parents would be subject to scrutiny and practically flogged in the town square for this infraction.

You’re not feeding little junior 100% organic everything and flying in crates of bottled water from Switzerland?  Oh my, your parenting skills suck and as soon as we finish this conversation, I’m calling youth protection on your ass.  Just sayin’.

So here I am, in all my little kid chubby glory.  I think I was cute as a little pudgy button.  Love you mom, I know you meant well.


At least I had the good sense to take off my mittens!




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