Death by Swimsuit

Ok, so I HAVE to start moving more.  My last post pretty much outed myself as living quite the sedentary life over the Winter months.  Hey, it gets cold in Canada, people.  Don’t judge.

Still undeterred and on a mission, I have registered for an aquafitness class.  The bonus is that I have a friend joining with me.  She just had a baby and wants to get back into shape.  Yay!

Confession time – I really freaking hate Weight Watchers meetings.  People get all fired up about getting a little sticker as an award for sticking with the plan or some other well intentioned but oh-so-lame-I-want-to-poke-my-eyes-out-with-a-rusty-fork show of support and encouragement.

It’s also pretty expensive to stand in line, get weighed and subsequently get bored out of our collective minds.  So, I switched to strictly the online plan.  I’m on the right track, I just needed that little kick in the butt to start.

Just because a gal is a little on the chubby side does not mean she can’t still put her best foot forward and still look nice.  That being said, this upcoming weekend will be spent bathing suit shopping.  I already have one and it’s super cute, but feel like treating myself anyway.

I know, I know, you’re thinking I’m nuts just about now. Swim suit shopping is right up there with root canal.  Watching little 20-somethings prance around the store in the teeniest of bikinis asking their boyfriends “does this make me look fat?” can be daunting, but I’m past the point of caring.  I have a right to look cute too, even if that means a little more fabric.  So there.

diving board

How I THINK I look when I’m swimming……





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