Failing Miserably

So this weight loss thing…it’s not going so well.  However, I will not give up.

I have been living an emotionally difficult time for several weeks.  I have a family member who is making life difficult.  There is a lot of history between us, a great portion of it is dysfunctional.

Nobody is forcing bad food choices down my throat.  I just tend to get distracted and lose my focus.  Then I end up loathing myself for it.

What I need to do is to tunnel vision myself into this endeavor.  This is just too important to me to fail.

If I could put the same energy into becoming the healthiest version of myself that I do in trying to “fix” my family situation and figure it out, I would have reached my health goals a long long time ago.

So, here I go once more. I have to do this, I will do this.  It is scary as hell.  If I succeed, what happens after that?


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