Yes! Yes! Yes!  So happy to report that when I stepped on the scale at last night’s weigh-in, I was three pounds lighter!  Finally.  Last week I had a pitiful 0.8 pound weight loss.  I was so tired and upset, I didn’t stay for the meeting.

I had a very emotional couple of weeks; a family member has been giving me a hard time.  It’s a pattern I am familiar with.  Whenever I have started doing things only for me, this person senses a shift in my focus and attention and starts to make my life difficult.

A couple times I caught my train of thought leading back solely to how to “fix” this problem.  Well, I’m tired of trying.  This isn’t mine to fix anymore.  The only thing I can do is bring the best version of myself to each new day.  That means I have to take care of me first.  I’m worth it and have been putting myself last for far too long.  No more.

I’m on a mission to transform both outwardly and inwardly. Just like a butterfly.  So in closing, three pounds down, 47 more to go.  I can and will do this!


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