I’m discouraged.  Yesterday was my weigh in.  I only lost 0.8 pounds. Well, at least I did not gain, right?

So, what went wrong.  Ok, let’s back track.  I have had three very emotional weeks.  Long story short, a family member moved back home in early November.  It is not the most convenient situations, but family is family and I felt like my hands were tied.

Things were going well, but lately old patterns have resurfaced. These patterns are toxic and send me into an emotional/mental tailspin.  Whenever this happens, I have a hard time focusing on anything.  My world turns black and I give up on myself.  It drains me and all I want to do is go to sleep and not wake up.

I also got together with some friends on three different occasions.  I thought I was making good choices, but when I got back home to calculate points…not the case!

I was so tired and discouraged last night that I decided not to stay for the meeting.  I just wanted to go to the safety of my bed.   The leader was so kind; she asked what was wrong and really encouraged me to not give up.  I really needed a kind word.

So, I’m back in the saddle.  I won’t give up, I will do my best not to let this family member drag me down with him.  Please wish me luck and send me some good vibes.




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