Friday Pie Day..lalalala!

Two of my friends and I started a little ritual.  We get together every other month on a Friday night at Rockaberry’s and indulge in a sweet treat, tea and lots of catching up.

Even though I’m following a weight loss program, I did not deny myself.  These outings are more about the cementing of our friendship, not the pie.

I guess I really am eating healthier, because the pie itself was no big whoop.  I actually felt a little sick afterwards.  I don’t like cream pies or chocolate overloaded gooey sweets.  I thought that a simple apple crumble topped slice of cheesecake would be the lesser of many evils.  Wrong.  My craving for sweets is diminishing.  Thank you weight watchers!

We spent three hours chatting, laughing and debating.  Loved every minute of it.

So now…off to the gym!  It’s all about accountability.


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