I’m bummed!  Today was supposed to be my weigh in at WW.  The Eastern seaboard has been blasted by the worst weather so far.  The roads are like a skating rink and driving is impossible.  Sigh…guess I will just have to wait until next week.

Things to be proud of though:  as I was working from home I started getting hungry.  I was a good girl and grabbed some pre-cut veggies and a little dip.  I noshed on healthy greens instead of the usual crackers or cookies.

Later in the evening, I prepared a delicious meal, all within my allotted points.

I still need to get moving though.  I have had zero motivation to exercise and I know it would speed up the weight loss process.

This coming weekend I will post a before picture and once a month will continue to post.  I want to see the results and it’s a good way to keep me accountable.  Stay tuned…I can’t believe I’m actually entertaining that thought.

Over and out!





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