Breakfast – Thinking Outside The Cereal Box

As you know, I’m a WW member. Come hell or high water, the end of 2017 WILL find me 50 pounds lighter. I’ve done this program before, I know it works.

The downside…all that planning ahead.  I am naturally rebellious. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a non conformist at heart. So, asking me to count and plan and save points for the weekend for a little indulgence is excruciating.

Breakfast is especially tedious.  Although I wake up starving and usually borderline “hangry” not too soon afterwards, I just want food. Now. Whatever I can shove into my pie hole quickly to stop the rumblings in my stomach.

Trouble with that is it usually = cereal.  Have you seen how many points that can add up to? Moreover, it usually does not have much nutritional value.  Also, who wants to eat eggs every day?  Frying bacon (turkey or the usual pork), just stinks up the place and is messy.

Enter the quesadilla.  Those little beauties pack a nutritional punch if you load them with protein, sweet/spicy salsa and a little cheese.  Crisp on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. Perfection!

So, adieu, run of the mill typical breakfasts.  Today we feast like kings!


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