Friday Pie Day..lalalala!

Two of my friends and I started a little ritual.  We get together every other month on a Friday night at Rockaberry’s and indulge in a sweet treat, tea and lots of catching up.

Even though I’m following a weight loss program, I did not deny myself.  These outings are more about the cementing of our friendship, not the pie.

I guess I really am eating healthier, because the pie itself was no big whoop.  I actually felt a little sick afterwards.  I don’t like cream pies or chocolate overloaded gooey sweets.  I thought that a simple apple crumble topped slice of cheesecake would be the lesser of many evils.  Wrong.  My craving for sweets is diminishing.  Thank you weight watchers!

We spent three hours chatting, laughing and debating.  Loved every minute of it.

So now…off to the gym!  It’s all about accountability.



Yesterday was a real shit show.  I recently reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 15 years.  We were supposed to meet up yesterday after numerous cancellations on her part….and she cancelled again.  For a guy.  Sigh…thanks a lot.

Then I came home and my rebound son (left the nest three years ago and now he’s baaaaack) was on an obnoxious streak with me.

All this to say, I am discovering quite a bit about myself.  The biggest discovery is that I am definitely an emotional eater.

The meal I was looking forward to preparing was done half-assed, I didn’t bother checking my portions or my points, and to completely derail all my good work, later in the evening I had a large spoonful of chocolate icing, straight from the can.  And by “a”, I mean several.

All that discipline…flushed down the drain because of two knuckleheads. Oh well, today is another day.  Gotta stay strong for me because the world is full of idiots and I don’t think that will change any time soon.

To Weigh or Not To Weigh

Isn’t that a fancy way to say….should I step on the scale this morning?  I missed my weigh in on Tuesday night.  We got blasted with a freezing rain/snow storm and driving was treacherous, so I didn’t chance it.

I promised myself when I started this weight loss program that I would not obsess with daily trips to the scale.  Once a week, at the meetings would have to do…but the suspense is killing me.  Did I lose anything? The scale is beckoning me to pay it a visit.

Decisions, decisions…..

Breakfast – Thinking Outside The Cereal Box

As you know, I’m a WW member. Come hell or high water, the end of 2017 WILL find me 50 pounds lighter. I’ve done this program before, I know it works.

The downside…all that planning ahead.  I am naturally rebellious. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a non conformist at heart. So, asking me to count and plan and save points for the weekend for a little indulgence is excruciating.

Breakfast is especially tedious.  Although I wake up starving and usually borderline “hangry” not too soon afterwards, I just want food. Now. Whatever I can shove into my pie hole quickly to stop the rumblings in my stomach.

Trouble with that is it usually = cereal.  Have you seen how many points that can add up to? Moreover, it usually does not have much nutritional value.  Also, who wants to eat eggs every day?  Frying bacon (turkey or the usual pork), just stinks up the place and is messy.

Enter the quesadilla.  Those little beauties pack a nutritional punch if you load them with protein, sweet/spicy salsa and a little cheese.  Crisp on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. Perfection!

So, adieu, run of the mill typical breakfasts.  Today we feast like kings!


I’m bummed!  Today was supposed to be my weigh in at WW.  The Eastern seaboard has been blasted by the worst weather so far.  The roads are like a skating rink and driving is impossible.  Sigh…guess I will just have to wait until next week.

Things to be proud of though:  as I was working from home I started getting hungry.  I was a good girl and grabbed some pre-cut veggies and a little dip.  I noshed on healthy greens instead of the usual crackers or cookies.

Later in the evening, I prepared a delicious meal, all within my allotted points.

I still need to get moving though.  I have had zero motivation to exercise and I know it would speed up the weight loss process.

This coming weekend I will post a before picture and once a month will continue to post.  I want to see the results and it’s a good way to keep me accountable.  Stay tuned…I can’t believe I’m actually entertaining that thought.

Over and out!




Monday Monday

Today was a day like any other…except that I’m freaking HUNGRY!! Seriously, why is my stomach always growling for food.  I am eating more than ever on this WW program.  Tomorrow night will be my big reveal. I hope to have lost at least two pounds.  If I could average that weekly, that would be great.  Every little bit helps.  Here’s hoping…stay tuned.  I promise not to get discouraged if I don’t get the results I would like.

Sunday Night Week 1

The first week of Weight Watchers is almost done. On Tuesday night I will go for my weigh in and see if the numbers on the scale have moved at all.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard.  The rebel in me wants to just toss my tracking tools to the wind. However, there is a danger in that. Case in point, I had two cookies and a glass of milk after lunch today. When I checked the points value AFTERWARDS, I nearly fell off my chair.  Those two delicious cookies cost me a total of eight points! Yikes!

I have already pre-planned at least two of my meals for tomorrow.  Ugh…such discipline. Wish me luck!