Monday Weigh-in


Good Morning all.  Hope you had a terrific weekend. So this is a happy post.  I’m down a little bit from last week. What did I do different?  I’m not sure, just being a little more careful.  I walked a little more and attended Running Room yesterday morning.

I was pro-active over the weekend and prepared salads ahead of time.  Fingers crossed that the numbers on the scale keep moving in the right direction.

I’ve got a super busy week ahead of me.  Usually that translates into not eating properly or getting enough sleep.  Did you know that if you do not get proper sleep, it affects your weight? Huh…isn’t that something? In any case, I am prepared. I have ordered a week’s worth of meals from Chef’s Plate.  My friend at work sent me the link that offered a discount as a promotion.  She swears by it.  My first delivery is due tomorrow.  Stay tuned for another post on that.

Have an awesome day!



It’s Payday!

Oh happy happy day.  I get to go shopping.  Well, first I have to be a responsible adult and pay some bills, put money aside for rent and my regular contributions towards my investments…but what ever is left is ALL MINE!

I have to set goals though or else I will be looking at a bunch of stuff that I can’t believe I bought in a couple months down the road.

Tonight’s shopping jaunt will not be all that exciting.  I saw a pair of sandals I liked and will go claim ownership today. Well, now I’ve probably jinxed myself and they won’t have my size.

I need “lady items”. You know, over the shoulder boulder holders. That’s not a very elegant way to describe the girls, but I find it funny.  Why am I even telling you this?  It’s not like I’m going to be posting pics of that for goodness sakes. Ah, now I understand why…no coffee yet.  That equals to no filter in this joint.

Have a great Thursday all.  Remember, one more day and c’est le weekend!


I’ve Got Issues

For real. It has taken some time but I have realized that I have a bit of an obsessive personality.  This came about as I have been spending a lot of time streamlining, well, just about everything really.

Example – Youtube channels.  Do you know how many channels I have subscribed to?  Take a guess. One hundred and twenty nine.  Yes, you read that right..129.


Do you know how many I actually watch on the regular? Zero.

So, I get all these annoying pings telling me a new video has been uploaded to one of my subscriptions, but I never actually get around to it, or when I do, I’m overwhelmed and spend way too much time online.  Can we all collectively say “waste of time”?

Same thing with nail polish. I have so many bottles yet my nails are rarely painted. Each time I got to the drug store I saunter by the lovely shiny bottles of liquid happiness and I just can’t help myself.  Can we collectively say “waste of money”?

Man, I think my son is right.  I think I might be a little ADHD.  Or a lot, depending on how much time you want to spend in my head. I wouldn’t advise it though…it’s a mess in there.

Knowing what ails a person is the first step in fixing it.  I have just spent an hour unsubscribing to channels I never watch.  Next step is to pick one channel and slowly work my way through it to see if I even give a rat’s ass about what they are going on about. Sounds doable.

As for my nail polish addiction, I have put all the bottles in a box and have selected two. These two have to be used until the bottles are empty before I can take out another bottle. They are sitting on my desk as a daily reminder.  If they could speak, they would say something along the lines of “Yo, doofus.  Remember us?  You just haaaaad to take us home.  How about you slide a fresh coat of us on those non existent, chewed up fingernails of yours? Huh?”

Baby steps, folks, baby steps.


Monday Weigh-in

Ok scale, here we go. It’s been two weeks since we last spoke. I’d like to say I’m optimistic that this conversation will be friendly, but I know better. What say you?

Well that was a little hostile, don’t you think?  Bravo lard-arse, bravo.  Maybe you can just eat yourself to death. Sigh.  I fully expect to have a live person from the MyFitnessPal Ap to call me directly and say “Dude! What the eff?”

Ok, to be honest, since the prodigal has moved out (ya let’s blame him!) I’ve been eating out. A lot.  I’ve been seeing a lot of him and we’ve been so busy with the setting up of his apartment. Neither of us have wanted to cook and therefore…..exhibit A.

I started running room again yesterday, which will help.  I think it’s time to pull out the big guns though.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. As much as I hate to do it, I think I have to.

The gym.


Biggest time and money sucker right there. I loathe it. I refuse to get a membership though. I’ll just buy passes and do that minimum once a week and Running Room twice a week. Looks like the stairs are my new best bud at work, too.

Wish me luck. It’s ok to laugh.  This so called weight loss journey is the biggest farce ever. I’ll get there.  I just need to be hyper vigilant and focused and I’ve been anything but.

Have a great Monday all.

Ms. Niceguy Be Gone

We all know that saying “Nice guys finish last”.  Well, not only do they finish last, they also almost end up cleaning shit off the floor. I apologize for how vulgar this sound, but I can promise you there’s a legit reason for it. Let me explain.

A couple months ago, my landlady had mentioned she and her husband (a.k.a. Lieutenant Doofus) were planning a cruise for their anniversary or his birthday or something.

I asked who would be taking care of George, their cat.  She said a mutual acquaintance, who lives a couple blocks away and does not drive, would be doing that.  My Superman cape, which was safely tucked away in my newly purged wardrobe, sprang to life.  Why, that’s silly, I live right upstairs. I can do it! All the while singing in my head “here I come to save the daaaaaay!” She looked uncertain. Hmmm..weird. Whatever. Now I understand why, though.

Friday afternoon I received an email message from her.  Here it is, verbatim. Freak out factor kicked in for me at the end of the 5th paragraph.

Hi Chrissie,
You had offered to take care of George while we are away on vacation.  I thought I would explain just how “special” George is and then you can think about it and let me know if you really want to care for him or not!
He needs one pill per day.  It is a small white pill, that we crush up in his food.  We put it in a small amount of wet food, wait for him to eat it, so that we know that he got the full dosage, and then give him a larger portion of wet food. 
He doesn’t eat wet cat food, he eats dry cat food and he eats: canned tuna, flakes of ham, flakes of turkey and flakes of chicken or sardines or other canned fish.
He drinks regular tap water, about the only “regular” thing he does.
He poops on the floor – he pees in the box but poops on the floor.  Then I sprinkle some cat litter on it and scrape it off the floor the next day.
There is only one toy that he likes to play with and he does that near his scratching post because he has trouble running and walking.
If you want to pet him, pet only the top of his head.  His back is extremely sensitive and it could trigger scratching and urinating.
He will tell you that he needs to go outside, but he doesn’t, you can just ignore that.
We would be gone from June 22nd to  July 6th.
Think about it and let me know if you are still interested.  If not, I will find someone else.
thanks so much,
I am NOT making this up.  Honestly, I kind of stopped reading after “scrape it off the floor the next day.
Wow. Just. Wow.  This is the most fucked up thing I have ever heard of.  Oh, did I mention she once referred to George as “diarrhea cat” because of the medication he takes for feline HIV?
Do I look insane?  Your house must smell just lovely.  A hard mo-fo pass on this one, lady.  I respectfully declined.  Said his “needs” were greater than what my schedule allowed.
What I really wanted to write though was something along these lines:
Dear _,
I regret to inform you that I am unable to follow through on my previous offer as I have just learned that I am highly allergic to filth and all manner of nutty behavior.  Also, I refuse to enable your cat’s disgusting routine.  I hate to tell you, but he kind of sounds like an asshole.
Love, Chrissie.
PS – If I ever offer to help in any way, shape or form ever again, kindly ignore me. I have the disease to please and clearly you have no idea what constitutes a favor vs blackmail material. It’s best we don’t risk it. Am I right??
So, that was a big fat lesson learned for me.  Stop being so nice and mind my freaking business!
Have a great Sunday, all.

A Little Retail Therapy For Fattie

Hey Peeps, Meeps and Schmeeps. It is FRIDAY. Oh happy happy day.  I hope you have something fun planned for your weekends.

So, I  was in the mood for a little retail therapy yesterday.  Truth be told, I took a look at my wardrobe and there’s stuff in there from over 10 years ago. I was starting to look a little dated and who are we kidding….most of the items simply do not fit anymore. Sigh….

That being said, I’m doing a major overhaul.  For years I’ve been saying that I refuse to buy bigger clothing and that I should just lose the weight. Ya, right. How’s that working out for me? It’s not, but you already know that by the non progression on my Monday morning weigh-ins.

I figured just because a girl is a little thick is no reason not to look nice. Am I right? By the way, the same applies for the gentlemen that might be reading.

For the past couple weeks I have devoted a little time to some shopping.  Even if it’s just window shopping.  You see, I abhor shopping for clothes just about as much as I do grocery shopping.  I realized that my mode of shopping only four times a year was the reason my wardrobe looks like crap.  Too many impulse buys.  Not enough time browsing, feeling the fabric, trying on different sizes, etc.

Here’s the fruits of my labor from last night.  (P.S. I HATE plastic hangers!) I’m pretty happy with it. As much as I love colour, I need to stick to neutrals. It’s just easier to mix and match. I’m a little embarrassed at some if my purchases over the years.


Here’s the result of the purge.  That goodwill drop off centre and I are practically on a first name basis.  I think I drop off something every week.


Folks, I just want to take a moment to do a shameless plug on the benefits of donating stuff you no longer need, use, like, want.  It can really make a person’s day to find a little something at a goodwill store.  It’s affordable and most importantly, we are not contributing to landfills. Good deed for the day. Check.

Here is my closet of shame…..items I really love and can’t bare to part with but just don’t fit. I’m keeping these for a while longer in the hopes that one day over the rainbow….


Have a great weekend all. Now that my ankle has healed from the sprain I suffered a couple months ago, I’m starting Running Room again this coming Sunday.

Have a fantastic weekend, see you Monday morning!


Hi there. Remember me?  I’m the one who said she would weigh in every Monday and stick to it until the weight came off.  Well…it’s been about two weeks since my last post.  Every day that went by that I did not step on the scale and write about it made me feel as guilty as an altar boy missing confession. Is that even a thing? I don’t know.

Here’s the thing.  I’m hungry. For change. My work life has gotten so monotonous and boring that I just don’t have much energy for anything.  All I seem to do is sit all day behind a computer screen and then commute for almost an hour to get home.  Thanks very much, previous mayoral administration for all the hellish construction EVERYWHERE in the city.  Then I get home, attempt to make a healthy meal, but lately that has consisted of either cereal or crackers with peanut butter and cheese.

I have grand plans for my evenings; reading, writing, journaling, sketching, walks by the river.  You know what happens?  I end up falling asleep on the sofa in front of the tv. Yes, the two seater sofa I purchased because I knew that if I bought a three seater or sectional, I’d just use it as a second bed in the evening. Proof that I can fall asleep just about anywhere.

Lately I’ve had cravings. No food cravings, but soul cravings.  Everyday I sit behind that desk I think “what the fuck am I even doing here”.  I know I shouldn’t think that way.  I am blessed to have this job, really. It pays well. The benefits are really good.  I have a pension plan. People are cool. Nobody constantly hovering over my shoulder.

It’s just not fulfilling.  I work at a contract research organization.  We help big pharma conduct clinical trials.  We always have this mission statement thrown in our faces about the difference we are making in patients’ lives. Honestly, I’m not feeling it.  When you work for a corporation that is huge, all you seem to really end up caring about is the bottom line.


Enter a new opportunity. I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a former colleague for a position available at the company he works for. It’s smaller, it’s a biotech, it’s risky, but honestly, I can already see myself working there.

They work with rare diseases and because of that their patient population is smaller. This allows us to really know everything that goes on in a study and experience the ups and downs as we follow patient progression.

I have had three interviews so far and have a fourth on Friday.  If I get this, it will be a huge change.  I’ve been with my current company for 11 years and there is a certainty and stability there.  I could easily stay there until I retire.

The allure of this new place is all the unknowns and the excitement of a start up. Plus, it’s downtown.  The energy there is off the charts.  I so miss that vibe.  If I’m offered a decent package, I think I can’t say no.  I would feel like a big fat chicken for not taking a chance.  I truly believe that when opportunity knocks on your door, you have to answer.

That’s it for today.  Sorry for being away. I’ve missed writing. Don’t give up on me.  I will be back to my Monday weigh-ins next week.  Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great day.